The Social Hub
Affordable Housing
Brooklyn Bridge Park - New York
Advisors: Andrew Berenheimer, Nadine Maleh, Katie Swenson

Located next to the Brooklyn bridge park, the social hub building is an affordable supportive housing project designed to help transition people that have suffered some sort of trauma in the past and want to be reinserted into society.

Duration: January - May 2018


  • Rhino

  • Autocad 2017

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

Collaborator: Sophie Buteau


  • Laser Cutting

  • Chipboard

  • Paper

  • Spray Paint

18 by 24_Page_1
18 by 24_Page_2
18 by 24_Page_3
18 by 24_Page_4
18 by 24_Page_5
18 by 24_Page_6
Horizontal 24 by 36
Social Hub1_Sectional model

Scale: 1'=1/16"

Social Hub2_Sectional model

Scale: 1'=1/16"


Physical Model

Central Courtyard

Physical Model

Central Space

Physical Model

Facade Detail

Physical Model

Overall View

Scale: 1'=1/32"

Physical Model

Scale: 1'=1/32"

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Horizontal 24 by 36